Forthcoming Events in the Diocese

Forthcoming Events

Spark - Day for Young People

Spark is a day for young people between year 9 and 11 on Sunday 27th June at St Teresa's. The form below must be completed by a parent/ guardian for each young person attending.

Spark - Day for Young People

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Archdiocese of Birmingham Events

Archdiocese of Birmingham

The Archdiocese of Birmingham

Events taking palce in the Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham.

Kenelm Youth Trust

Kenelm Youth Trust

The Kenelm Youth Trust

The Kenelm Youth Trust is committed to providing life changing opportunities for young people, helping each person to reflect upon their life of faith and how they respond to the call of Jesus Christ in their lives. The Trust has been established by the Archdiocese of Birmingham to oversee and bring together the wide variety of youth work that is undertaken in various settings throughout the Archdiocese.