Parish Priest - Father Anton Column

Father Anton Parish Priest

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This weekend we are asked to acknowledge the Word of God, today being a special Sunday of recognition.  The first part of our Eucharist, our Mass, is known as the Liturgy of the Word, a time of listening to scripture, the words of the bible, which in turn is the word of God.  We celebrate the fact that God speaks to us if we are willing to listen and above all he speaks to us through the readings of the Mass and any time we take up our bibles and read and pray.

Also at the 10 a.m. Clayton Mass we have a special welcome to our Year Three children and their families.  The children, parents, community and priest will be making a commitment to one another and to Our Lord to prepare well for First Forgiveness and Holy Communion.  Please pray for one another, the children and all the members of our parishes and parish school.

As you approach St Werburghs Church you will see the progress of the roof repairs.  I have watched as the old felt and batons have been replaced.  The dirt, mess and rot have been extensive, so we are fortunately having the work done at an opportune time.  So far we have raised around £5,000 towards the cost of £36,000.  Please consider helping if you can.  There are always jobs to be done with any property as all home owners know and parish buildings are no exception.  The building is our home of prayer, the home of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and our spiritual community home!

Meanwhile we keep each other in prayer.  Every Sunday one Mass is offered either at Ashley or Clayton for every member of our parish communities.  A prime act of community love is to exercise that duty and joy of prayer.  We may not know every individual within our communities, but our prayer for one another is a divine unity and graced by God.

Take care and walk with the Lord Jesus by your side!

Father Anton s.c.j.