Parish Priest - Father Anton's Weekly Column

Twelfth Sunday Year B - Father's Day

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We begin this week by offering our prayers and best wishes to all Fathers as we celebrate Father’s Day Sunday.  Let us pray that they may exercise their duties as Fathers with the utmost care and that they are able to be the best of Christian Fathers giving good example and leadership to their children as they progress in life.  May they be good and faithful partners, husbands consecrated to the Lord!  Happy Father’s Day!

It is also the weekend when we are asked to pray for Life.  As followers of Christ and his Church Universal, we are called to respect life from the moment of conception to the point of the natural leaving of this world.  Society can become very expedient, and life can be overlooked whereas we are called to remember that life is a gift of God to the individual in question and no one has the right to take life from another, especially the vulnerable in the womb.

The weather this week has been very good and we were able to celebrate two sessions of Night Prayer in the presbytery garden.  Naturally there was the opportunity to have a chat and drink afterwards.  It was so good to be with groups of people again even though social distancing and proper care was duly exercised.  The weather this coming week is rather wet so it will not be possible to have an outdoor event.  The following week is looking a lot more promising and if so we will have an outdoor Mass in the garden one or two evenings.  Watch this space.

Once again we are hoping to have a streamed Mass from Ashley on Thursday this week at 7 p.m.  It will be a nice recognition of our second, small but beautiful parish church.  The Mass will be recorded and held for a period of time on the website.  Come and join us virtually or in person.

Let us continue our prayers for a greater unlocking of the present situation but also that everyone will do their best to take part in safe and respectful behaviour so that the elderly and vulnerable will be respected; once again we remember that life is a gift of God and that we have a duty to respect the lives of one another.

Let us finally remember our faithful departed, especially Graham Hassall and Father Mario Zappa, a priest of the Congregation of the Sacred Heart of Betharram.

God bless and stay safe.  Let us pray for one another especially those who have suffered most through this trying time.

Father Anton s.c.j.