Parish Priest - Father Anton's Weekly Column

First Sunday of Advent Year B

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

A blessed and happy Church New Year!  Yes, it is that time already and we are only three and a half weeks away from the celebration of the Birthday of Jesus, still very much a cornerstone of society in England.  Christmas for many can be simply a celebration on a human level.  For us it is much more for it is the promise and hope for our life, redeemed in Jesus Christ and along with a promise of a life to come.  No wonder there is a mystical magical element to this coming season.  For us to make the most of it. Advent is very special and important.  It is a time to prepare ourselves spiritually, to purify our lives and re-commit them to our heavenly Father through his Son, Jesus Christ at Christmas.

As we progress through lockdown we look forward to the re-opening of churches.  From Wednesday of the coming week you will once again be able to book a place at one of the three Masses available at the weekends.  This weekend the Mass will be streamed at 11 a.m. on Sunday and there will be one more midweek Mass at 7 p.m. on the Tuesday.  Please note that the church opening time for prayer on Sunday morning is different; it is 9.30 to 10.30 a.m.

Can I once more direct your attention to the Parish/Parish School Raffle!  The number of prizes is growing and the children, with help of their families and school staff, have created a goodly number of hampers.  These will be part of the raffle along with many, many other prizes.  Because of lockdown there has been a great deal of generosity from people and institutions such as the supermarkets etc.  One person donated £50 to the raffle fund without even wanting a ticket.  So, thank you one and all!  We look forward to the raffle online Saturday 12th December!

Please note that we now have a section on our newsletter, called “News from the Pews.”  If you would like to contribute, then send it to our contact and it will be included for our forthcoming editions.

May I wish you all a very happy Advent and we pray for a good Christmas and a more blessed and Happy New Year.

God bless and stay safe!

Father Anton s.c.j.