Parish Priest - Father Anton's Weekly Column

Second Sunday of Lent Year B

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This week has been a sign of hope as hospital numbers have decreased along with the reduction in fatalities due to the pandemic.  An outline plan for a reduction in the restrictions of lockdown has been announced.  We pray therefore that with the good will of all around positive progress will be made and a renewed freedom will fill the earth.

During this time of Lent may the Lord Jesus help us to see what positive steps we can take in the way forward, what lessons we have learned so that we can be better people and more aware of the world in which we live and move and have our being.  As a spiritual help during Lent we are now able to have Stations of the Cross next week at Clayton, Sunday 3 p.m.  Please note it will still be necessary to book a place for everyone’s safety.  It can be something special to offer the Lord in prayer, a sacrifice in itself.

This weekend we look to the Transfiguration of Jesus on Mount Tabor, he appears to his disciples, changed beyond all recognition.  He both frightens and astounds them.  After their shock they immediately propose the building of temples to worship the great prophets and the new prophet, Jesus himself.  In turn may we be transfigured by the presence of Jesus in our lives, working away at those parts which keep us limited in love and separated from the love of God and fellow human beings!  The journey of Lent has only just begun!

Please pray for conversion of both self and others, a coming to a meeting of minds and hearts that the world may unite in looking after one another.  May we be united as sisters and brothers!  Let a new future be heralded by the transformation of our hearts so that we see God and how he, in the Son Jesus, would make our world a better place.
A big thank you from the HomeStart Charity for all the help and support that people of the parishes have given!  I am told it has made such a difference to the lives of several families.  If possible, a further appeal is asking for a bicycle in reasonable condition for a 9 year old girl who wishes to take part in a charity ride and also an appeal for clothes for a girl of the same age.  Contact the parish office if you can help!
Let us remember all those who have died due to the pandemic; as we pray for them, let us pray for the care of the poorer countries of the world, making sure that they too partake of the benefit of vaccines and the right to life and a share of the world given to us by God.

Please remember to pray for Michael Devaney whose funeral takes place this week and all our faithful departed!

May the Lord keep us safe as we intercede to him through the prayers of Our Lady, the patroness of our parishes and parish school!

God bless you and keep one another safe!

Father Anton s.c.j.